Jack Snipe Story


Hi everyone! My name is Max, and this is my wife Dana and our little son Danila – they have been supporting me along the way.


Initially, I was developing a stand for my own use, even though I was interested in what other people have to say about it. It was really nice to see a sincere interest and curiosity in the eyes of passerby, when I was working on my laptop using Jack Snipe stand.


At one point I realized that Jack Snipe stand has better quality and is more thought-out that anything that was sold online. I decided that it is worth testing my product in the global market, created the first samples and started selling them online.


Jack Snipe stand isn’t just another serial accessory for your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Each of our wooden product is unique – it combines the beauty of nature and minimalism, handcrafted quality and sophistication.